[Video] Chad VanGaalen - "Peace On The Rise" (Diaper Island) Sub Pop 2011

You have to admire a guy like Chad VanGaalen. Not only has he produced a number of amazing records (including both releases by one of our favorites, Women), but he's also self recorded almost all of his own material, performing all of the instruments and creating all of the accompanying artwork and music videos (which are, simply put, completely mind blowing). His latest release, "Diaper Island" (available now on Sub Pop) is VanGaalen's first album recorded in a proper studio, and in my opinion, one of his best. On first listen, "Diaper Island" has a similar aesthetic to the Women records, but the songs here are a bit more accessible. The record is a beautiful play from beginning to end, and I would recommended it almost anyone. Check out the video for "Peace On The Rise" to get a taste of what "Diaper Island" is all about. But don't taste diapers. That's gross.

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