[PREMIERE!] SKIMASK - "Dr, Electricity, Monster" (Skimask/Geffika 12" Split) Sophomore Lounge Records, 2011

In my mind, SKIMASK are the truest representation of the Boston Underground. Though there are a number of groups that frequent Boston basements and lofts, SKIMASK are at the top of the list of bands I am proud to see representing the scene. When you see this band play, you know that you are seeing something legendary. It is for this reason that I am PSYCHED to premiere the new SKIMASK track "Dr, Electricity, Monster" straight from their upcoming 12" (or 10") split with Chicago's Geffika on Sophomore Lounge Records. Recorded by Mark Fede (of Fat History Month) in their practice space, "Dr, Electricity, Monster" is definitely a step forward for SKIMASK, showing that the band can not only melt your face off with unmatched speed and ferocity, but also offer up some seriously sick slower jams.

The SKIMASK/Geffika split comes out sometime at the end of August/early September, but if you can't wait till then, make sure to head out to BATV to see them play with Rotten Apples, Exscuesemwah (Angela Weirdo), & Funny Money on July 3rd. Check out "Dr, Electricity, Monster" below:

SKIMASK~Dr, Electricity, Monster

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