[back to the future] The Sea-ders - "Thanks A Lot" & "I Don't Know Why" (Sea-ders LP) 1966 Groovie Records

pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS "back to the future" series brings you some of our favorite tunes from the past, from long lost greats to recently reissued gems.

I first downloaded The Sea-ders' reissued anthology a few months back, and its been in constant rotation since. Only recently did I finally pick up the actual LP, and it was worth every cent.

The Sea-ders (later "The Cedars") were first formed in 1964 in Beirut. By '66 they had released their first single and quickly became a pop sensation in Lebanon. This caught the attention of executives over at Decca in London, who immediately signed the band. Though ultimately their move to the UK proved unsuccessful, they still released some wonderful singles, which has been compiled for this fantastic Groovie Records release.

In my mind, The Sea-ders music, with its tight vocal arrangements and attention to harmony, can be most easily compared to the Beatles music of the era- but while the Beatles were foreign to the eastern sounds they employed for psychedelic flourishes, The Sea-ders were simply drawing influence from the culture that surrounded them.

Here's a couple of my favorites to check out. If you are interested in more tracks, shoot me and email and I'll see what I can do.

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