[back to the future] Pugh Rogefeldt - "Love Love Love" & "Små Lätta Moln" (Ja, dä ä dä) 1969

Pugh Rogefeldt's 1969 debut "Ja, dä ä dä" is one of the great Swedish psych records of the late 60s. While many Swedish pop groups were releasing songs sung exclusively in English in hopes of some commercial success, Rogefeldt, like many of the best Swedish artists of the day, stood out by singing his tunes in his native language. This may not have granted him the kind of success he truly deserved at the time, but it gave his work a much more genuine vibe that is greatly appreciated when listening to his record today.

Personally, its hard not to listen to "Ja, dä ä dä" without thinking about contemporary psych group Dungen. Not only do both groups sing exclusively in Swedish, but they have a number of tonal and melodic similarities. Nowhere is this more obvious than when comparing the opening drum fills of Pugh's "Love Love Love" with Dungen's "Panda."

Here are a couple of my favorite tracks. "Love Love Love" is easily the most rockin tune on the record, juxtaposed with "Små Lätta Moln," which is one of the most beautiful folk songs I've heard this year. If you are interested in hearing more tunes, shoot me an email.

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