Quilt - "Cowboys In The Void" & "Penobska Oakwalk" (Single) 2011

Psychedelic music is truly successful when it is transportive; the simple act of listening, whether you are alone in your room or driving in a car, transports you to a different place and time. Its is an immersive experience that, in my opinion, all good music possesses. Boston (& Brooklyn) folkies Quilt are masters at just that. The genius of their music lies in their ability to weave simple, yet intricate elements together to create a delicate, hypnotic sound that is never overbearing, yet captivating and impossible to ignore. The influence of 60s west coast folk is clear here, but there is something subtle about Quilt's approach that makes their sound all their own. The band actually puts this quite well, posting on their facebook page "Quilt: When kids from the 80s dreamed about people from the 60s thinking about life in the future." I like that. I highly recommend you check out the bandcamp tunes below, then head out to Gay Gardens this Thursday (4/28) to see them in action.

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