[new sounds] SARALEE - "Ceiling" (DEMO) 2011

SARALEE is...well...Sara & Lee; two Allston kids who make sweet lo-fi pop that sounds as if it were recorded deep underground in some murky moss-soaked cavern. This sort of reverb drenched production is common among the lo-fi kids, but when paired with SARALEE's high-pitched vocals and catchy tunes, it possesses an irresistible charm that has drawn me into many repeat listens. Even though their new bandcamp release "DEMO" was recorded on a whim in Allston's Problem House by buddy Zach D'Agostino, in my opinion, it shows more promise than any other local acts I've heard recently. I gotta thank SKIMASK's Profit Mohammed for hipping me to this. Make sure to check out the link below, download the demo, then head out to House of 1,000 Smiles this Saturday (4/16) to check out SARALEE w/ Naga Gaga, Night Manager, Kid Romance, and Ming Ming.

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