You and Your Pointy Ears - "Rain Decay" & "Black Magic" (Grandma&Grandpa Records) 2010

You and Your Pointy Ears is the bedroom pop project of Cambridge, MA superdude Spenser Gralla (guitarist/vocalist for Boston's DOOMSTAR! & drummer of Amoroso side project No Way Jose). Gralla's approach to the lo-fi/garage/psych sound is one of hazy melodic bliss and psychedelic exploration; like getting stoned in an isolation chamber, or floating down a river with a jug of wine and a pair of headphones.

In You and Your Pointy Ears, Gralla takes the best elements of both classic and contemporary psychedelic music and works it into something uniquely his own. His tunes, which are usually based around tight two or three chord structures, contain lingering dream-like vocals and melodic lines that are both infectious and beautiful in equal doses. Gralla's expert use of delay, reverb, noise, and effects permeate all of his music, helping to create a sonic landscape that is transcendental and ethereal without ever being distracting. While his work in DOOMSTAR! and No Way Jose has much more of a "fuck you!" kind of presence and attitude, Gralla's You and Your Pointy Ears is definitely an outlet for his sweeter and more personal material.

I've had the opportunity to hear Gralla's work in various stages, and all I can say is that what he choses to release to public ears is only the tip of the iceberg; the wealth of material he possesses in his back catalog is staggering, all of it sharing the same kind of odd beauty that makes his music so appealing.

Recently Gralla has stepped up his internet presence by creating a Bandcamp page & and Facebook page, in addition to his already popular Myspace site. I can't recommend enough that you head over to the You and Your Pointy Ears Bandcamp page and download high quality versions of his first digital single Black Magic as well as his new track Rain Decay, both of which are sampled below. You and Your Pointy Ears also has a split cassette out with another pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS write up artist The Fedavees called Pocket Tooth, which will soon be available at shows and through the Grandma&Grandpa Records site.

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