Archers - "Brussels Truffles" (S/T 7") 2010

The best parts of the 90s are back, and that couldn't be more evident than on Archers debut 7". "Brussels Tuffles" sounds the way you wish every STP song sounded; torn up and relentless guitars parred with driving bass lines and pounding drums that might as well be punching you in the face. Throw in some time trickery for good measure and the result is some seriously catchy tunes that beg for repeat listens. But whats best about Archers is how fucking psyched they seem to be playing these tunes. This record is destined to have people pounding on their steering wheels and speeding on the highway for years to come.

You can download/order their 7" via their BANDCAMP site.
Check out their video here too:

Archers - Brussels Truffles from Chris Cantino on Vimeo.

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