Skimask - "4Eva Limited" & "Tempurpedic Mattress Is Holding You Hostage" (Rough Cuts) 2010

Skimask is what the world will be listening to when corporate America blows it head off during the economic collapse. It'll be blasting out of every radio when Jesus melts our faces off in the Second Coming. When the Martians come to earth to enslave humanity with rape toys, we'll be listening to Skimask. Why? Because Skimask is the "Fuck You" you've always wanted to give to every ignorant drone asshole you've ever met but never got the chance to. If the ideals and values that gave birth to Punk rock still exist, Skimask is their last hope.

Rough Cuts is Skimask's first recording, and was only available for a limited time at shows. It gives listeners a glimpse at what Skimask is all about - but for me, Skimask is a band you have to see to truly experience.

We got some good video of these guys at their last couple shows, which I hope to post up here soon. Until then, they are playing this Wednesday on a seriously insane bill (Cave, Prince Rama, NeedyVisions to name a few) @ TEMPLE in Jamaica Plain. If you have any sense at all you'll get out there early to freak out at their set.

Here's my favorite tracks from Rough Cuts. Play it fucking loud.

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