Tjutjuana - "Mosquito Hawk" (Tjutjuana) Fire Talk 2010

I've finally found the opener for my 2012 mixtape. Tjutjuana's "Mosquito Hawk" would be best enjoyed while watching any of the following: a tidal wave plowing through Wallstreet; a volcano erupting on Hollywood Boulevard; a tornado ripping apart the Bible belt...really any kind of display of natural mayhem. This brilliant pairing of arpeggio synth lines, tirelessly pounding drums and droned-out stoner guitars begs to be a part of your apocalypse experience. What I mean to say is...this shit's pretty fucking fierce.

"Mosquito Hawk" opens Tjutjuana's self titled debut, which will have a 180 gram vinyl release later this year on Fire Talk. Check out the video below, and then head over to their Bandcamp page to stream the whole record.

"Mosquito Hawk" - Tjutjuna from Mark Demolar on Vimeo.

<a href="">Mosquito Hawk by Fire Talk</a>

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