HOMEGROWN 2: Boston's Underground Music Festival

I don't usually do a lot of show announcements on this site, but I just had to mention this years HOMEGROWN Undergound Music festival @ Temple in Jamaica Plain (670 Centre St.), October 15-17th. Mastermind Dan Shea (of local greats Needy Visions) and his buddies threw together an amazing fest last year, but this one definitely tops it. For Homegrown 2, Shea has gathered together not only the best of Boston's underground/psychedelic scene (Major Stars, Drug Rug, Jesse Gallagher, Skimask, DOOMSTAR!, The Fedavees, Fat History Month, Reports, & Beach Hair to name a few) but also some amazing national acts, including Ty Segall, Jeff The Brotherhood, & BBQ (of King Khan & BBQ). The fest is $15.50 a day, but there should be some 3-day passes soon for only $35.50. The show is coming up quick, so make sure you head over to HOMEGROWNFESTBOSTON.COM to grab some tickets. For a more complete list of each days festivities, check out the schedule below. See you there!


(1230am)-Major Stars
-Drag City Psych guitar slaughter from the folks behind Twisted Village.
(1145pm)Damon and Naomi
-Legendary dream pop from these ex-Galaxie 500 folks.
(11pm)-Larkin Grimm(nyc)
-Young God’s beautiful and terrifying beyond psych-folk shaman.
(1015pm)Marissa Nadler
-Magic, trance inducing folk chanteuse. Her voice will haunt you.
(930pm)-Bobb Trimble’s Flying Spiders
-Worcester’s 80s weird rock master has returned and is weirder than ever.
(845pm)-Fat Worm of Error(w. mass)
-Load Records farthest out beyond Beefheart beefcakes that ever happened.
(815pm)Eli Keszler(providence)
-Providence/Boston percussion magician.
(730pm)-Life Partners
-Bad taste masters of the ROCK.
(7pm)Black Pyramid(w. mass)
-Psychedelic doom metal western mass style.
(635pm)Mind Yeti
-Far too many dudes making many noise too far gone.
(610pm)Beach Hair
-Pollard-isms shone through a JP prism.


(1245am)Tunnel of Love
-The baddest garage rock fucks in the land. Lose your body(keep your mind).
(12am)-Parts and Labor(nyc)
-Jagjaguar kraut popsters for losing your shit to.
(1115pm)Jeff the Brotherhood(nashville)
-3 strings. 2 brothers. 1 love. Futurist classic rock.
(1045pm)-Truman Peyote
-Totally loaded psychtronica/hip hop dawg.
(1015pm)Drug Rug
-Girl/guy psych-pop local heros here to warm you up.
(945pm)-CSC Funk Band(nyc)
-New York’s illest underground funk crew.
(915pm)- Bird Names(chicago)
-Weird pop extraordinaires for dancing and wondering.
(845pm)-Colin Langenus Orchestra(ex-usaisamonster, nyc)
-Drone country + hair last I heard.
-Garage pop all over your face.
(745pm)-Keith Fullerton Whitman
-The pulsating drone master himself.
(715pm)People of the North(Oneida side project, nyc)
-Two Lane Blacktop/Autobahn on the radio.
(650pm)Ski Mask
-Two microphone fiends and a self aware drum machine. No strings attached.
-Jangle pop played by the bad side of good dudes.
-Space babies with reverb rabies.
(430pm)-Jesse Gallagher(of Apollo Sunshine)
-Dude from Apollo Sunshine doing something surely interesting
(4pm)Dick Heaven(nyc)
-What if your best friend was a serial killer? And he sang shifty songs.
(330pm)Invisible Circle(nyc)
-Noise drone bearded smiler.
(300pm)Fat History Month
-Feel good awkward rock from the odd couple.
-Underwater sing-alongs from a basement in Cambridge
- Noisy surf-tinged business
-Dark wave vs. prog rock. Who will win this battle of the ages?


(1115pm)BBQ(Mark Sultan, of King Khan and BBQ, montreal)
-Sub Pop’s doo wop garage hero man flying solo on the guitar and drums.
(1045pm)-So Cow(galway, irelend)
-Indie pop as fuck international fuzz men.
(10pm)Ty Segall(san fran)
-Goner’s garage pop spaceman. Dirty fuzz, Beatley harmonies, and the songs to back it
(930pm)-Needy Visions
-Low life power popsters giving you something to feel in the area below your waist.
(845pm)Debo Band
- Ethiopiques happening here now live.
(815pm)-Many Mansions
-The Fela Kuti of blips and bloops
(745pm)Alec K Redfearn and the Eyesores(providence)
-Eastern European spiced downer pop.
-Gnarly female fronted psychedelic sludge.
(650pm) Vile Bodies
-Hardcore post-punk face punch.
- Psychedelia in all its permutations. No Altamont.
(5pm)Hands and Knees
-The bounciest Pixies-garage pop around. You’ll be dancing.
(430pm)Turbo Fruits(nashville)
-Fat Possum’s wild youth crew will make you feel like a kid again. A kid who digs fuzz.
-Infinity Cat dudes with the catchy songs that don’t feel wrong and the blown out tones like the Ramones.
(330pm)Human Eye(detroit)
-Raging, gnarly outer limits punkery.
(3pm)K Holes
-Depressing garage lizard pop
(230pm)Turtle Ambulance
-The chillest blipping world beat you ever heard.
(205pm)the CQ
-7 layer fuzz pop
(135pm)Duck That
-The only sax and duck call band currently working.
(110pm)Double Awake
-One man noisenik bastard.
(1245pm)Death Shepherd
- Fuzzy, buzzy sonic onslaught

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