She / The Hariem - "Roll on" "Like A Snake" & "Outta Reach" (Outta Reach) 1964-71, 2010

I just came across this record earlier today at Weirdo in Central Square, Cambridge. Sometimes you just gotta pick something up cause its got a bad ass cover. Case in point with She's Outta Reach. After some research I found out that She was a Sacramento girl group from the late 60s/early 70s. But this isn't any bubble gum go-go shit. These ladies definitely had enough attitude to hold their own against the dude groups of the era. At some point the band changed their name to The Hairem, whose songs appear on side 2 of Outta Reach. The Hairem tracks are a little odder, both in arrangement and production, but still have that same 'tude that makes Outta Reach such a great listen. Here's a few of my favs below:

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