Pill Wonder - "Wishing Whale" (Jungle/Surf) 2009

A while back I picked up the Underwater Peoples compilation "Winter Review" featuring the awesome track "Restless" by Seattle's Pill Wonder. I really dug the track and put it on pretty much every mixtape I was making at the time, but for some reason didn't really check out any more music from the band. Only recently did I pick up Pill Wonder's tropical lo-fi opus "Jungle/Surf" --and was completely blown away. Theres nothing I've gotten my hands on recently thats inspired so many repeat listens.

"Jungle/Surf" is ideal for hot summer days, whether you're on your way to the beach, swinging off a tire swing, or just hanging out in your back yard. Sonically, the record is amazing; jungle and beach sounds lay beneath many of the tunes, which vary moment to moment from jarring fuzz and feedback to soft psychedelia, all while conveying a kind of simple beauty.

I highly recommend you pick up this record while its still in season. Check out the music video and mp3 below too.

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