The Fedavees - "Yr In Front" & "Freedom Freezes Over" (Night Cows) 2010

Some records are made for late night stoned driving, where the the road becomes a personal amphitheater for the music echoing throughout your mind. The Fedavees' Night Cows easily falls into this category; a fuzzed-out blur of hazy psychedelia that triggers these stoner space outs in the best way possible.

Fedavees is the 4 track project of Boston native John Allen, a dude heavily steeped in local music lore. Being a Boston resident myself, what makes Night Cows such an excellent listen is hearing how Allen re-interprets the sounds around him to create something truly personal and original. Like many great records, Night Cows operates in that rare duality where the music sounds both familiar and like nothing you've heard before. All in all, its just a RAD record, and a great listen for balmy summer night roams.

These are a couple of my favorite tracks, but you can download the whole album FOR FREE via BANDCAMP. Personally, I think its best to check out the whole record in sequence. Enjoy!

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