Banditas - "Harmony Glass" & "When He Comes Home" (Get Behind Us) 2010

Banditas is one of those rare bands that is immediately captivating from the moment they open their mouths. While the instrumentation of their tunes is downright minimal, their vocals have the kind of melodic strength that could hook in even the most apprehensive of listeners. Their EP, which is available for free via their BANDCAMP page, is awesome; 5 lo-fi country/rock tunes that are simultaneously gritty and beautiful. I love how the vocals peak in the mix when singers Molly Maltezos & Hayley Thompson-King are really reminds me of old Abner Jay recordings, where the emotion behind the tune is almost too powerful for the tape to capture.

Here's a couple of my favorites-but do yourself a favor and just go download the EP. Who doesn't like free music? Crazy people. Thats who.
p.s.-If you are around Cambridge, MA this friday (6/25) they're playing at the Middle East upstairs..jes sayin... :)
<a href="">harmony glass by Banditas</a>
<a href="">when he comes home by Banditas</a>

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