Total Slacker - "Psychic Mesa" (THRASHIN') Marshall Teller / Sixteen Tambourines 2011

I've been revisiting this track a bunch lately-enough that I thought I should post something. Total Slacker has been vaguely on my radar since I heard their 2010 Crystal Necklace 7" on Impose Records. When I caught wind of their upcoming debut LP, I was pretty psyched to check it out. From what I can gather, THRASHIN' appears to be to cleanest incarnation of the band yet, even though opener "Psychic Mesa" has got enough crunchy guitar that you'll be feeling it in your teeth for days afterward. It's the kind of tune you wish you could blast on your boombox while riding your bike through some early 90's suburban neighborhood (poorly worded, but I think you'll know what I mean). I highly recommend you check it out. If you're interested in a tape of THRASHIN', you can pre-order one from Sixteen Tambourines. Otherwise, you can hold out for the LP/CD via Marshall Teller Records.

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