[news to us] HOMEGROWN III: Boston's Underground Music Festival

Here at pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS, we get extra excited around this time of year. Why you ask? Because its around this time we start getting wind of the upcoming HOMEGROWN festival and all the amazing bands that will be playing it. The boys over at Bodies of Water Shows have always done an excellent job bringing together not only Boston's best local talents, but also some of the most exciting acts from around the country, and this years festival is no exception (sounds cliche, but its fuckin right on). The current list of bands is pretty long, but if I were gonna pick a few, I'd have to mention local favs Fat History Month, Skimask, Arvid Noe, & Quilt; San Francisco kids White Fence, Grass Widow & Royal Baths; and New York darlings Prince Rama & Gary War. Be sure to check out the full list on the event's facebook page.

This year, to help HOMEGROWN III live up to its full potential, the boys over at Bodies of Water Shows are asking for YOUR help to fund the festival. They've started up a kickstarter page, which you can check out the video for above. They've got some great incentives, including passes to the festival and a compilation of some of the best local acts playing, all on a "play-able button" (http://www.playbutton.co/). Be sure to head over to kick-starter to check it out.

For more details on HOMEGROWN III, which will be held 10/14 thru 10/17 at The Fourth Wall Project downtown, you should check out the HOMEGROWN website, friend HOMEGROWN III on facebook, and RSVP for the event. We'll also help keep you updated with festival news. HAPPY HOMEGROWN!

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