Ty Segall - "You Make The Sun Fry" & "I Can't Feel It" (Goodbye Bread) Drag City 2011

Its taken me a long time to post something about this record. If you follow the blog at all, or know me, you know that I dig Ty. "Lemons" and "Melted" are two records that I still enjoy, even though I've listened to them countless times over the past couple years. Perhaps it is for this reason that when I first heard Ty's latest release on Drag City "Goodbye Bread"...I was a bit disappointed. I've read lots of reviews about how Bread was meant to be a record where Ty could put aside all of the bells and whistles of his blown-out garage psych sound and just focus on simply writing good songs. To me, Bread sounded more like rough mixes of the album I would've liked to hear. Something about the pace, tempo, and production of the record just seemed...well, kinda weak. The songs were good, but nothing that would have drawn me in to immediate repeat listens (like his past records). I essentially gave up on the record...until recently. After giving it a little more time to grow on me, I've decided that I do like Bread after all. Its not what I had expected as a follow up to Melted, but then, how the hell do you follow up a record like Melted? Bread isn't about jaw dropping garage rock party anthems. If anything, it seems Ty is trying to tell us that he's grown up a bit. But is that a good thing? Well...let's see what his next record sounds like.
Check out "You Make The Sun Fry" and "I Can't Feel It" below.

Ty Segall~You Make The Sun Fry
Ty Segall~I Can't Feel It

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