[news to us] PS007: DON GERO ~ QUEER LODGINGS out Tuesday 7/9 on pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS

We are excited to announce our latest release, Don Gero's face melting epic Queer Lodgings, available for mail order via our BigCartel Tuesday July 9th! If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing drummer Zach D'Agostino in groups such as Arvid Noe or Trach, you will literally lose your shit when confronted with his furious one-man solo project Don Gero. Queer Lodgings is filled to the brim with  drum-fueled noise-punk brutality played at a blistering speed. Using a combination of live, drum-triggered electronics and tripped out vocal effects, D'Agostino has created a massive record we are totally stoked to share with you! Preview the entire tape via the Don Gero Bandcamp below, and don't forget to order the cassette on Tuesday!

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