[news to us] Hands And Knees 'Red Hot Minnow' Cassette Out June 23rd on pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS

Hey buddies! Say hello to 'Dreamt,' the side B opener to Hands and Knees excellent new cassette Red Hot Minnow coming out June 23rd on pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS! The first edition will be 100 "Minnow-Red" cassettes with digital download for only $5 bucks. Once they are sold out, the entire album will be available for download via iTunes, Bandcamp, and more.

Come celebrate the release of Red Hot Minnow with us at Lorem Ipsum Books on Saturday June 23rd with one of our favorite groups, Happy Jawbone Family Band. More details soon! See you there!

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