[mixtape] Nick B's pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS Mix

 Our next pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS [mixtape] is brought to you by Hands And Knees drummer and human encyclopedia of all things strange & fascinating, Nick Branigan. We knew when we asked Nick for a mix that we'd get something good, but SHIT...this one is a doozy. Check out a detailed tracks list & mix below. Thanks Nick!

1. Jerry's Kids- "I Don't Belong"-- Truly the most unleashed sounding of the first wave early 80's Boston Hardcore scene. Sounds like it's going to absolutely careen off the rails at any moment.
2. Ashrae Fax- "Pointbreak"-- Sammy P from Das Compass got me into this. A re-issue. Recorded in 2003. From N. Carolina. They're either ahead of or behind the times depending on where you're sitting.
3. Bo Diddley- "Mumblin' Guitar"-- Totally face-melting shreddage. Sounds like Lighting Bolt or something.
4. Happy Dragon Band- "Disco American"-- Totally dark and spaced out Michigan weirdness from '78. Tim and Eric vibes sort of.
5. The Homosexuals- "Pretsel"-- My favorite of the more straightforward jums from these tweaked post-punk arteests.
6. Coyle and Sharpe- "Cart Procurement"-- Based in 'Frisco in the early 60's, these two Bostonians really spearheaded the "oddball interview gone wrong" vibe we take for granted these days. I LOL at this one the most I think.
7. Dan Reeder- "Pussy Titty"-- Yoni Gordon hipped me to this guy's bandcamp. Dark yet playful simple folk jums played by a southerner ex-pat living in Germany. Great lyrics.
8. Jackie Shark and The Beach Butchers- "2nd Generation Rising"-- I know very, very little about this one. Mid-late 70's West Coast psychosis.
9. White Fence- "Baxter Corner"-- One of the most listenable of the current crop of bedroom fucked pop movement.
10. Miccachu- "Golden Phone"-- Great soundz from this lady from a couple of yrs ago. British Lady.
11. Space Lady- "Rock and Roll CIA"-- Great soundz from this lady from many years ago. Recorded in Boston. Space Lady.
12. Bobby Brown- "Mother Nature, We're Guilty/I Don't Wanna Be No Macho Joe"-- Nomadic dropout hippy frizzle from his "Live" LP, which is really him just playing his set live in his van in front of his dog.
13. Cardiacs- "Icky Qualms"-- Really, really speedy post art punk prog from 81 or so. Look for their videos on youtube: Smashing stuff with a Tim and Eric/Pee Wee's Playhouse vibe.
14. Iron Curtain- "Tarantula Scream"-- A good note to end on. These Santa Barbara darkwave pioneers from the early 80's really owned this sound.

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