Suzanne Ciani - "Lixiviation," "Liberator," & "Eighth Wave" (Lixiviation 1969-1985) Finders Keepers / B-Music, 2012

Just had the extreme pleasure of getting my hands on one of Finders Keepers / B-Music's latest releases, Susanne Ciani's Lixiviation, a compilation of her various electronic musings from 1969 to 1985. Ciani, a classically trained musician with an MA in composition, was first introduced to the Buchla Synthesizer when she met the creator, Don Buchla, through sculptor and collaborator Harold Paris. This instrument quickly became an obsession; one that would lead Ciani to become one of the premiere electronic composers of her time. Her work varies from the experimental underground like ambient masterpieces "Lixiviation" or "Eighth Wave" to commercial advertisements like the "Liberator" Atari TV-spot or the "Pop and Pour" Coca Cola logo. Check out some audio clips below, along with a short video of Ciani "At Work In The 70s." Order / get more info on Lixiviation via B-Music's site.

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