Dead Luke - "Paranoia Is A Flower Of The Mind" & "God Of Nothing" (Meanwhile...In The Midwest) Moon Glyph 2011

Dead Luke's Meanwhile...In The Midwest is hazy homemade psychedelia at its best; a foggy head trip through the back waters of your mind. Out now on the excellent label Moon Glyph, Dead Luke's Midwest takes (in Moon Glyph's words) "the portentously hazy half-songs contained within his debut LP [American Hair Cut] and solidifies them into a raw, lysergic-crystalline acid cocoon." Nice. Check out "Paranoia Is A Flower Of The Mind" and "God Of Nothing" below, and then head over to the Moon Glyph site to order/download the album. Dead Luke - "Paranoia Is A Flower Of The Mind" by Moon Glyph Dead Luke - "God Of Nothing by Moon Glyph

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