[news to us] BOBB TRIMBLE Releases Lost 1984 Album "Crippled Dog Band" on Yoga Records

On Thursday, July 28th, The Great Scott will be hosting what will undoubtedly be one of the stand out shows of the summer for record nerds and psych fiends alike; the release of local legend Bobb Trimble's long lost 3rd album, Crippled Dog Band on Yoga Records. Like any "lost" record, Crippled Dog has an interesting story behind it. In 1983, Bobb had two excellent records under his belt, but was still treated with some indifference by the local scene. So when he was invited to join up with a group of teenagers called The Crippled Dog Band, he jumped at the opportunity and became their "Chief Crippled Dog," leading the band to record what would ultimately become his 3rd album. Unfortunately, Bobb was upset with the pressing quality of the record, as well as the temporary break-up of the band, and ended up throwing all 500 LPs into an office park dumpster. Lucky for us, the master tapes survived and have been reissued by the folks at Yoga Records.

MMOSS and Roland & Jane will join Bobb on stage for the 7/28 record release show, which you can RSVP for here. Between set jams will be spun by DJ Thundersun (Johnny and Amanda of, you guessed it, Thundersun). Check out the video for Bobb's "You Should See My Girl" below, edited from footage of a 1983 show in all its flanged-out glory. See you there!

Bobb Trimble: You Should See My Girl, live, 1983 from Yoga Records on Vimeo.

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