Campfires - "Dusty Mansions" (Dusty Mansions 7") Small Plates Records 2011

I was browsing through various Altered Zones posts earlier today when I came across the artwork for Campfire's upcoming single "Dusty Mansions" on Small Plates Records. Something about it caught my eye and lead me to their bandcamp page. What I discovered was a small collection of fantastically gritty psychedelic pop tunes that I can't stop listening to. True to their name, Campfires' music is surrounded by a certain warmth and nostalgia that is often attempted yet seldom achieved with as much care and charm. When "lo-fi" is becoming more mediocre by the minute, Campfires shows us that there are still intelligent songwriters out there making beautiful music within their means. I don't know much else about the band, and I don't really want to. Tunes like these are almost more enjoyable when they are wrapped in a little mystery. You can check out "Dusty Mansions" below, as well as "Chasing Planets," which appears on the b-side of the 7". I've also posted "Amelia," which appears on Twosyllables Records' upcoming Chicago Compilation. Enjoy!

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