White Fence - "The Pool" (Harness 7") Afterlife, 2011

Last night's show at Church of Boston with White Fence, Strange Boys, DOOMSTAR! and DNFMOMD was fantastic, though surprisingly under attended. I bumped into some folks who were visiting from LA who were simply stunned that the show had not sold out. Go figure. Regardless all the bands played great, but I was particularly excited to see one of my current favorites, White Fence. After their set I made my way over to the merch table to pick up the Harness 7" which came out this past March on Afterlife. I was disappointed to see that they had none on the table, but when I asked they reluctantly handed me their last copy hidden within the depths of their merch bag. While "Harness" appears on WF's latest release "Growing Faith," b-side "The Pool" is unique to this release, and is certainly a stand out track in the White Fence canon. Stream "The Pool" below, and then head over to AfterLife to order your own copy of the 7".
White Fence - The Pool by rellis91

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