Connan Mockasin - "Megumi The Milkyway Above" & "It's Choade My Dear" (Forever Dolphin Love) Phantasy / Because Music 2011

Connan Mockasin's "Forever Dolphin Love" is a serious headphone trip. After sampling the video for "It's Choade My Dear" (below), I was able to get my hands on Forever Dolphin Love and listen to it first thing in the morning after a fitful night of sleep. It proved to be the perfect introduction to the twisted psychedelic world of Connan Mockasin. The album kicks off with the spiraling journey "Megumi The Milkway Above", which introduces us to the fundamental elements of Connan's kaleidoscopic sound; slanted, reverb & chorus drenched electric guitars, delicate drum and bass grooves, along with a slew of other percussive and melodic instruments, all under the helm of Connan's shrill and childlike voice. The whole record is pretty amazing, especially if you take it in all at once. It's fantastical approach to psychedelic pop has definitely drawn me into repeat listens. I highly recommend it for this upcoming summer would be a perfect dusk into night time listen. Enjoy!

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