The Babies - "Run Me Over" (The Babies) 2011 Shrimper

The Babies debut LP is pretty much what you would expect to hear when combining Vivian Girls front woman Cassie Ramone and Woods' bassist Kevin Morby. Sweet pop tunes with catchy hooks and a lo-fi sensibility (yikes...that was almost too easy to define). I was ready to quickly dismiss this group, but for some reason it has stuck with me. Though nothing on the record is particularly mind-blowing, its still a great listen that gets better on the repeat. The best moments on the record are when Ramone and Morby are both singing loud, belting quintessential "I'm in my mid-20s" lyrics over a couple of distorted guitar chords. Its a comfortable listen that I would casually recommend to almost anyone. Was this a good review? I guess its hard to tell. Check out the tune below to see for youself:

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