Thundersun - "Rains Came" (2 Songs) 2011

Thundersun's "Rains Came" sounds as if it were created in the darkest attic space of your mind; a place littered with ceremonial candles, incense smoke, ancient dust covered books and black magic. The Cambridge duo of John Allen (The Fedavees) and Amanda Bristow (Baba Yaga) excel in these droned-out, Ayahuasca-soaked jams that help make your jump into the hyper consciousness just a little easier. "Rains Came" appears on the groups new single "2 Songs", a fantastic introduction to the group's "drone folk" sound. They don't seem to play out too often, so make sure you head over to their BANDCAMP page to fill up on some of Thundersun's hauntingly beautiful tunes.

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