Ty Segall - "Girlfriend" (Melted) GONER 2010

Um. Wow. I love this record. Its is going to be extremely hard to write about this without completely gushing. Lets just say that after only 1 listen, I know that I'm going to be listening to this over and over and over again. And over again.

"Melted" is such a tremendous step forward for Ty Segall. It is more confident, interesting, complex, and mature than any record he has put out to date. And hes put out a lot of fucking records. When the number prolific garage/pysch/lo fi bands are increasing every day, Segall has made sure that "Melted" is a record that can't be (and shouldn't be) ignored.

Here's what Goner Records has to say about the record:
"Segall says it sounds like "cherry cola, Sno-Cones and taffy." Indeed! Over the past two years he's released records more often than most people do laundry, but somehow there is still a heap of anticipation for this new album on Goner packed full of truly psychedelic pop songs with great vocals and exciting arrangements.
On the heels of two critically acclaimed solo albums, Segall holed up in a basement studio in late 2009 to begin recording Melted. Friends occasionally dropped by to hang out and help--including Mike Donovan (Sic Alps), John Dwyer (Thee Oh-Sees) and Eric Bauer (Crack W.A.R.). The result is a carefree yet precise balance of acoustic and electric elements. Distorted echo and thunder mix together with enough clean guitar lines and addictive choruses to deliver an album that recalls the '60s without sounding like anything created during that decade."

I really would recommend picking up the whole record. Two tracks is just not enough. ENJOY!

Ty Segall sxsw 2010 from Boston Phoenix on Vimeo.

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