Funkadelic - "Friday Night, August 14th" (Free Your Mind...And Your Ass Will Follow) 1970

Every once and a while when browsing through record stores shelves, I find something that makes me think "Huh...Why the fuck haven't I picked this up yet?" Case in point with Funkadelic's super awesome, unbelievably funky and fuzzy "Free Your Mind...And You Ass Will Follow."

According to George Clinton, the inspiration for this record was "to see if we can cut a whole album while we're all tripping on acid." If this is in fact true (I really want it to be true), then these guys are some of the baddest musicians on the planet earth. For real.

From what I understand, this record is the closet Funkadelic got to recording a rock record, and as soon as the needle dropped, I knew it was worth every cent I spent on it.

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