Mountain Man - "Dog Song" (Mountain Man) 2009

Mountain Man fills my head with images of the outside. Trees. Grass. A soft breeze. Light flickering through green leaves. Not to get all poetic on you, but still, I find it interesting when music, lyrics aside, can create such a visceral place in my mind.

Mountain Man is the work of three extremely talented young women--Amelia Meath, Alex Sauser-Monnig, and Molly Sarle. While their music can be most directly tied to classic American folk, they take it beyond that, exploring the music with a more contemporary perspective. Their play with melody at times reminds me of Joanna Newsom, or Marisa Nadler.

Mountain Man is not instrumentally based. In fact, the only instrument that appears on their self titled debut is a guitar, and even that is used extremely sparsley. The real strength of the band is their AMAZING (yes, all caps) vocal harmonies and melodies. The amount of skill and control used in their arragments is something we rarely see in contemporary independent music today. Overall, this record is an incredible listen, and if you enjoy beautiful music, there is no way this one won't hook you.

btw-You can purchase/listen to the whole record via their bandcamp site @

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